Application Process

The mission of The J.T. Clark Family Foundation is to support programs of charitable organizations promoting the quality of life of all citizens. Guiding our mission is the desire to help prevent and reduce disease, help establish facilities for the entire community, protect and conserve our environment, and promote the growth of all persons in spirit, mind, and body. Our support is focused on the communities of and surrounding Fredericton and St. Andrews, New Brunswick. We strive to support organizations which are fully engaged in their cause and agree to leverage our contributions for maximum benefit. We support initiatives that fall within the following categories:

  • Education, Health and Welfare
  • Community, Civic and Athletic
  • Environmental
  • Special Projects

Steps to apply for funding:

  1. Send the following information to (Please limit your information to 2 pages or less)
    • Name of Organization, address, phone, email, website, Contact Person
    • Brief description of Organization (eg Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives, Charitable Registration #)
    • How much money do you plan to raise?
    • Why are you raising the money?
    • How much are you asking from The JT Clark Family Foundation (JTCFF)?
    • Are you open to challenge funding? (raising funds to which JTCFF with match with a limit and timeline)
    • How will these funds be used?
    • Are your stakeholders involved in the fundraising? (How much have they committed?)
    • Do you have an endowment program?
  2. You will be notified by email that JTCFF has received your request for funding. It will be reviewed by the JTCFF Vetting Committee
  3. Please do not provide any other information than asked for. If JTCFF has interest in supporting your cause, we will contact you for additional information.

If you have any questions, please email or call 506-455-2478.

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